Multi Portable air blower & air pump
Multi Portable air blower & air pump Air blowing & Air Suction & LED Lantern & Power bank and 8 different nozzels provide excellent comfortness "
Color : Dark Gray

- Portable air blower & air pump
- 8 different nozzles
- LED lantern (60~260Lm) , 3 step light dimming
- Power Bank (Quick charging) Max  PD 45W
- 3 Step wind speed
- Hook for strap/carabiner

 Product name


 Model No.


 Power consumption

 Level1 : 6.6W

 Level2 : 21.6W

 Level3 : 65W


 Level1 : 60Lm

 Level2 : 160Lm

 Level3 : 260Lm

 Operationg time

 50min ~ 10hrs 


 78 x 102 x 193mm 



 Battery capacity

 Li-ion 10.8V 4,900mAh (Li-ion 3.6V  14,700mAh) , 52.92Wh  

 Charging time

 2hrs 40min  (PD 45W)

 4hrs (18W)


 USB 5V 2A ~ 20V 2.3A (45W) Fast charge 


 USB 5V 2A ~ 20V 2.3A (45W) Fast charge 

User Manual_AIR


Quick charging Power Bank



Designed to fit the Air and all accessories.



  • Can I use air while charging the phone?

    If you use power bank and air pump at the same time, Air pump will stop after about 1 minute.

    To protect the battery, do not use air pump while using power bank.

  • Can I use it for vacuuming?

    Unfortunately, you can’t. There is not a sieve filter inside, so you can’t use it for vacuuming.

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